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Successful season for the Carleton Golf Club

The Carleton Golf Club has a successful year despite the CVID-19 pandemic.According to the club's coordinator, Danny Lebraceur, 3 000 people played at the course in 2020, compared to 2 200 last year. The busiest day of the year saw 192 golfers hit the links, a record for the club.Many of the players were newcomers which bodes well for the future as does a 14 per cent increase in memberships,Golf clubs across the province looked forward to an uncertain season this year because of the pandemic.Prior to the season, sponsors were a worry but according to Danny Lebraceur they came through ans supported the club.Golf clubs around the province also saw an increase in participation.The president of the Carleton Golf Club, Martin Ducharme points out that 8.5 million rounds of golf were played in Quebec in 160 days, which is an average of 57,500 daily participants, a number which has never before been seen. Ducharme states that the only down side was the sales of food and drink. The fact th…

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